Bio – Who is Wildy ?

Wildflower Self



‘It’s all rainbows and butterflies in Wildy’s World’

Wildy, as friends call her , spontaneously links life and spirit through art-making.

Her life is her work and Art runs through her veins.  Daughter of an Architect and a Saint, who served as a teacher, she moved as a 3 year old  child with her family to Saudi Arabia.

EYES WIDE OPEN to the whole world, she witnessed reality in the rich complex patterns of the Middle East, the outrageous colors of African culture, and spiritual depth of the Maori of New Zealand.

These colorful images shaped and defined her sense of SELF.

An insatiable curiosity to experience extreme culture and further study human expression led this self-taught art-maker to New York City where she trained in painting and sculpture at SVA (School of Visual Arts) and to London’s Royal College of Art to learn print-making.

After graduating from Skidmore College with a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts Wildflower was off to get a real education hiking through Israel and Egypt solo (girls—don’t try this alone).  She survived and  landed at the CITY MUSEUM where she found herself completely immersed in spontaneous COLLABORATION as an Artist in Residence in Art City  where Wildy concocted collaborative art-making and workshops for droves of inspired museum goers.  During this period professionally, Wildy worked to paint the corners out of public and private spaces with lively and loving MURALS sending HEALING vibrations throughout a room and its inhabitants. 

Upon leaving the city Wildflower formed Ozark Arts Project to serve rural families and children a heaping portion of COLLABORATIVE ARTMAKING focused on community service.  She opened Artworks Studio were lessons and workshops were made available, earned her Master of Arts in Teaching degree, and took a position at the local Elementary School teaching Art K-4.   There she has  an Art Room always full of CHILDREN EXITED TO LEARN, PLAY, and DISCOVER.

Wildy’s art is about being there, in the moment, a translation of experience, an experiment in soulful spiritual living.  Now she makes ART with lots and lots of children  in a rural public school and learns from them about beauty, joy, and a shared vision of CREATING A BETTER WORLD!!!

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